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Project Description

This web part allows to display RSS feeds on SharePoint sites.

 The viewer includes several features:

  • Asynchronous load;
  • Layout customization;
  • Multiple feeds support;
  • Limit the maximum displayed items on each feed;
  • AJAX support, that allows:
    • Reloading a specific feed without full postback;
    • Schedule automatic refresh of data;
    • Display the body of feed items without reloading;
    • Display more items without full postback.
  • Web part customization using CSS.
To consume the syndicated content, the web part uses the Argotic Syndication Framework, a powerful framework that supports the most common syndication publication formats.


For more info, go to the Documentation Page

 Source Code

What you can expect from the code:

  • No dead code;
  • Structured code;
  • Comments all over the place;
  • Model View Presenter pattern.

The project template used to develop the component is SPVisualDev and can be downloaded here.

  • WSS 3.0 or SharePoint 2007;
  • ASP .NET AJAX 1.0

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